Which information con you obtain yourself in Germany?

Many people seeking information do not know that a number of data can be obtained from the authorities – without an excessive financial outlay. Often enough the enquiry does not even have to be justified in any detail.

Anybody, for example, can submit an enquiry to the residents’ registration office. The only requirement is that at least three data on the person enquired about are submitted, such as first name, family name and date of birth or first name, family name and last address known. As a rule the authorities charge a fee of between € 6.00 and € 13.00 (no responsibility taken).


As to whether a person pursues a trade can be enquired at the competent trade supervisory board / public affairs office. As a rule, the so-called lawful interest has to be substantiated here. The rendering of the information varies; there are trade supervisory boards which do not want to render information just like that. An outlay of up to € 16.00 (no responsibility taken) has to be reckoned with. Enquiries can also be directed to the competent commercial register / lower district court. The fees should be enquired at the competent court in advance.

We kindly ask for your understanding that we will have to charge the entire administrative outlay, if our company is commissioned, and that the above-mentioned information cannot be submitted at “cost price” of the authorities. However, as a rule you can rest assured that we can supply the information faster, and that handling is less complicated for you.