Observation by staff

95 €/hour
95 €/hour
  • (113,05 € including 19 % VAT)
  • per officer in charge and hour


105 €/hour
105 €/hour
  • 124,95 € including 19 % VAT)
  • per officer in charge and hour for investigations

Use of vehicles

1,25 €/km
1,25 €/km
  • (1,49 € including 19 % VAT)
  • for one kilometre driven at present
  • Alternatively we also use hired vehicles, if this is possible at short notice and is less expensive for the party (plus fuel costs accruing).

Search for Bugging Devices

(Miniature Spying Devices)

125 €/hour
125 €/hour
  • 148,75 € including 19 % VAT)
  • per hour and per officer
  • A search for bugging devices can be completed wherever the location anywhere in the Federal Republic of Germany at short notice. An assignment abroad is also possible at short notice. The search is normally completed by at least two officers (depending on the rooms additional personnel may be used). We require the details of the rooms to be able to create a quotation for the work. For this reason we kindly request you to contact us by telephone.
Notes / miscellaneous

All investigations / surveillances can be carried out at short notice all over the Federal Republic of Germany independent of the location. Other conditions than those mentioned above apply for investigations outside Germany and shall have to be enquired separately. Any expenses and disbursements will be substantiated and charged separately.

Surcharge on hourly fees:

      – 8.00 PM – 6.00 AM plus 20%
      – Sunday and general holiday plus 50%

In case of special problems, please get in touch with us. We will be pleased to help you!